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Dodge & Vega: Attorneys at Law

Trial Lawyers: Family Law, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Law.

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Trial Lawyers: Exclusively Bicycle Law.

Affect Epic

Leadership Development, Business Coaching, Mentoring, Public Speaking.

About Ben Dodge

Ben Dodge is an adventurer, entrepreneur, extreme endurance athlete, public speaker, and a trial lawyer. He firmly believes that you are at least 20X more capable than you think you are. Many basic principles have helped him on his path to success, however there are some core principles he strives to live by such as: Developing solid determination, grit, and commitment. Weaving them intentionally into your character is the foundation for success. Living with intention and purpose. Never surrender.

Ben owns and manages several business locally in Arizona; two law firms, and a leadership & business coaching firm. His entrepreneur mindset drives him into creative business solutions in all of his companies.

At Dodge & Vega, he has created a family law practice serving the families going through issues of divorce, child custody, child support, and more. Ben also developed a bankruptcy practice helping families who are struggling with excessive debt. Finally there is a personal injury division at Dodge & Vega where people who have been injured in auto accidents can get relief and legal representation from his firm. At Bike Accident Attorneys, Ben created an entire law firm dedicated to helping and protecting cyclists. This is one of his greatest passions. Finally at Affect Epic, Ben reaches executives and business leaders who want to improve their business and or leadership capacities. Through Affect Epic Ben meets with and coaches business leaders, engages in public speaking offerings, and motivational speaking engagements, etc. Affect Epic has been one of his happiest business ventures. Reaching out and helping other business owners and leaders reach more of their potential is a source of great joy for Ben.

Adventuring is one of Ben’s lifelong pursuits. His love for adventure is a major driving force in his life. He has said, “Every single good thing I have in my life has come from seeking adventure.” Some of his more favorite adventures include:

  • 8X Full Ironman Triathlons, 140.6 miles. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile run.
  • KOKORO Navy Seal Program Graduate, Class of 26, “Hooyah.”
  • Race Across America 2 Person Team Finisher; 2nd Place. 3,000 mile non stop bicycle race from Oceanside CA, to Annapolis MD, 7.5 days.
  • Race Across America 8 Person Team Finisher; 3,000 mile non stop bicycle race from Oceanside CA, to Annapolis MD, 7 days.
  • Race Across France 2 Person Team Finisher, 2nd Place; 1,500 mile non stop bicycle race from Nice France, to Le Torquet France.
  • Race Across the West Solo finisher. 934 mile non stop bicycle race from Oceanside CA, to Durango CO.
  • Kilimanjaro Summit, Lemosho Route, 2022.
  • 7X LOTOJA finisher; 204 mile non stop bicycle race, longest 1 day USAC sanctioned race in the USA.
  • Multi 50 & 100 mile marathon finisher.
  • Multiple 500+ Mile Cycling Endurance races such as the Saints to Sinners, Salt to Saint, etc.
  • Everesting Hells 500 member, and 1st to Everest on Mt Lemmon (climb 29,029′ in one ride on one segment).
  • Traveled throughout the world, including speaking engagements in South America, and throughout the US.

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Our Specialties


Leadership applies to every employee, and not just the CEO. Think about it, in whatever role you now have you are supposed to lead in that role. You are supposed to take responsibility for your duties within that role. Leadership up and down the chain of command is a skill and a character trait. The more you learn to develop it the better you will be in achieving massive success in all of your goal areas (business, family, athletic, personal, spiritual, mental, and so on). Learning and practicing sound leadership principles is literally for everyone. You are a leader. Let us help you improve on that.

Motivational and
Inspirational Speaking

Public speaking is an art. To take an audience along a visual and auditory journey is a gift and skill that can change lives. To inspire change and growth is always the mission. Perhaps providing some key motivational points along the way from some extreme endurance athlete experiences, or volatile and hostile business experiences, and or devastating personal and family experiences. Depending on your needs we can provide the custom inspirational and motivational experience that can help you and or your company the most.


Often one of the solutions most needed by our executive clients in their journey towards improved leadership and growth is corporate training events for their employees. Once our clients begin to understand the nature of their leadership it will improve the entire company if some of the basic principles are taught throughout the ranks. This can range from ½ day seminars to week long events with varying levels of management all the way to the admin staff. Relating to and helping your employees understand performance principles is an effective way to increase positive company culture, productivity, and more.

Personal Growth

One on one mentoring can be so much more than just corporate leadership coaching. Principles of authenticity, accountability, determination, openness, mindset, success, effectiveness, and more is what many top performers are seeking to understand and implement better. Our one on one mentoring is raw, authentic, and no holds bar. We help our clients peel back the layers of their mindsets that hinder their growth and help implement principles of a massively successful mindset.

Success Stories

I had no idea how much Ben would really bring to the table. His mentoring and leadership coaching completely changed my professional trajectory from mediocre to incredible. I highly recommend working with him.


The encouragement I have received in the past from other leadership improvement companies always seems fake and inauthentic like a hired friend, or worse a hired cheerleader. This is not the case with Ben Dodge. He actually cared about me and my goals. He wasn’t afraid to call me out on my excuses and fears. The mindset coaching I got from Ben was hands down the most real, authentic, and most powerful experience in this field I have ever seen. Whether you are interested in small personal goals or large scale corporate growth I would hire Ben. He will get you where you are trying to go.


The leadership coaching I got from Ben Dodge was the best investment I have made into myself in a long time. I love how he is a normal human like the rest of us. he gets it. He knows what business, family, and athletic struggles are like. He was able to take my performance to the next level. I will for sure use him again.


How We Work

We Meet

First we meet. We prefer to meet face to face. However, we can do this via zoom if you are outside of the State of Arizona. Meeting is critical. This is where we can get a sense of what you want and what you need.

We Plan

Next we develop a plan for you. We work out how best to achieve your goals and what steps we will take to help accomplish massive success for you.

We Relentlessly Pursue

Most of our time will be spent here… relentlessly pursuing your success. We will execute your success plan together, modify and adapt it as necessary – but never surrender. This is where new principles are explained to you that we discover may be hindering your success. We try new approaches to your goals. We keep you on track and work on improving your mindset. If you already have an awesome mindset, then just imagine how much stronger it could be after we work together.