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Dodge & Vega: Attorneys at Law

Although originally named after just Ben, his first law firm Dodge & Vega, PLC wa founded in 2006. The firm primarily focuses on 4 areas of the law with multiple attorneys and staff on board to help clients with:

  • Serious Personal Injury, and Wrongful Death Law
  • Family Law (Divorce, Child Custody, Alimony, etc.)
  • Criminal Law
  • Bankruptcy Law

When is the last time you talked to one of your friends who said to you: “Hey, you should use my lawyer! He is amazing and affordable!”? Exactly, most of the time it is more like: “Don’t use my guy. What a rip off. I lost thousands of dollars and we didn’t even go to court yet.” Ben founded the law firm with client satisfaction as his first priority. This meant that the firm must be exceptionally good at what they do AND be affordable enough for his clients to be pumped about hiring them and referring their friends and family to the firm. This has been the primary focus since 2006, and we still carry on in this manner. You can reach their legal team here.

Exceptional Trial Lawyers

Unlike many attorneys, Ben and his team are exceptional trial lawyers. He feels like most lawyers don’t have what it takes to be in a court room. The skill set required to be exceptional in litigation and in a courtroom is unique and not something law school can ever provide you. He and his team are incredible court room lawyers and they provide exceptional legal services to their clients. You can connect with him and the incredible legal team of Dodge & Vega PLC directly through their dedicated website: DodgeVegaLaw.com.

Ben Dodge and Angel "Bacho" Vega