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Ben Dodge (headshot)

Ben loves to affect change, and even better—epic change. Through his performance consulting company, Affect Epic, Ben teaches, mentors, discusses, and presents the principles which can affect epic change, and epic growth. His reach and influence through Affect Epic extends to individuals, families, corporations, business leaders, with one on one coaching. Through his effective and unique seminars, Ben has been able to help corporations, teams, clubs, and even schools in and outside of the U.S. experience epic growth.

It is safe to say that his passion lies in adventuring, conquering challenges, and his family. Sharing these experiences, what he has learned from them, and helping others apply these principles towards experiencing their own epic growth is the only thing he equally passionate about.

If you are tired of the mundane-ness of your life and you are ready to level up, then schedule a consultation with Ben Dodge and start experiencing growth on an epic scale.