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Bike Accident Attorneys (BAA)

Ben Founded his second law firm in 2013, Bike Accident Attorneys PLC. Inspired by the loss of his father in law as a delayed result of a bicycle crash, Ben wanted to dedicate his legal skill set towards helping his fellow cyclists. Bicycle accidents are common and sadly the motorists, the traffic laws, the insurance companies, and even some of the police investigations all show a heavy bias against cyclists. Cyclists needed someone to stand up for them and fight for their rights. Ben was excited and ready to create a niche area of the law and grow it into a legal business that could legitimately fight for and protect cyclists’ rights. He later said: “Starting an entire firm dedicated solely on representing cyclists was the best law firm decision I had ever made.” Bike Accident Attorneys PLC has only continually grown every year and is widely recognized as the best bicycle law firm in the south west. You can connect with Ben and his incredible bicycle accident legal team here.

Savage Not Average Bicycle Trial Lawyers

With years of aggressive litigation experience under our belts, Ben and his team have recovered over $100,000,000 dollars for their clients. There are several things that set Ben apart from any other lawyer in the entire country who practices Bicycle Law.

  • Ben actually rides and races bicycles. Yes, he rides. Ben trains all year around. He rides and races both domestically and internationally. He has regular competed on the world stage at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Bosnia, and Italy. But sadly, there are so many lawyers who claim to represent bicyclists and yet they have no understanding of what it is like to regularly ride or race bicycles. They are often general personal injury law firms with attorneys who are out of shape, and haven’t ridden a bike since they were in grade school. What is worse, these general personal injury lawyers treat bicycle cases and bicycle law like any other car or truck accident. That is a HUGE problem. Bicycle laws are unique and the nuances of bias against cyclists must be understood and dealt with through every aspect of a client’s case or they will significantly diminish the value of the case.
  • Ben actually files law suits. What? Doesn’t everybody? NO. Almost no lawyers file law suits anymore. It usually costs too much money, or they are lazy and don’t want to fight that hard or wait that long before they get paid on a settlement. Since there is typically heavy resistance by insurance companies to pay an insurance claim on a bicycle case, the sad truth is that most lawyers will just end up taking low ball settlement offers because they don’t know how to properly defend the bicycle claim and fight the bias. Ben never quits. He files the law suit and sees the case through all the way until it finally pays the client full value.
  • Ben is always pursuing a greater skill set. Most lawyers go to law school and then call it good. They literally stop learning, and stop trying to improve. There are mandatory continuing legal education credits lawyers must take annually. But these are just the minimum standards. Ben is never content with the minimum standards. He has continuously pursed greater litigation skills through extra educational opportunities. He has completed the Advocate program through the National Institute of Trial Attorneys (NITA). Ben continued his course work and practical experience through NITA and received their highest certificate as a NITA Master Advocate.

Connect with Ben and his incredible bicycle accident legal team here.

Ben Dodge Cyclist and Lawyer