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Benjamin Dodge

Every good thing my life has come from seeking adventure.

Ben Dodge

While it’s definitely true that not every adventure has a highlight reel style ending, they still all have one thing in common. Every single adventure was worth it. Every single adventure has taught me something new about myself. Every time I seek these opportunities out I am caught up in a growth pattern with exponential and compounding benefits. Many times these amazing life lessons and growth experiences are born out of very difficult and challenging circumstances within my adventuring. Many times they come from my failures. In fact, it is likely that my failures have taught me far more than any of my successes. Furthermore, my successes could not have been created but for first attempting through failure—and learning from my failures.

Like many of you my adventures started when I was a young boy. The difference is that as I grew older I never stopped searching for them. Never stopped creating them. Seek Adventure.

Current and Recent Adventures

While impossible to post all of Ben’s adventuring on this site, you can check here for some upcoming and some recent adventures.

  • RACE ACROSS AMERICA (RAAM) 2023. Known as the world’s toughest bicycle race. It is a 3,000+ mile non stop (yes, no stopping) bicycle race across the country. This year in June, Ben will be racing it for his 3rd time. This time he will do it as part of a 4 man team. They have their sights set on winning the race this year. You can follow more that adventure here.
2023 RAAM Team BAA