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Ben Dodge, Jaime Cancel, and Erik Huso will rolling on our Harley Davidsons up the Pacific Coast Highway. It has always been a bucket list dream for us. We are just making it happen.

You can get Live Garmin Inreach adventure tracking here at this link: https://share.garmin.com/BenDodgeSeekAdventure

We sketched out our itinerary to include about 7-8 days up the Pacific Coast Highway and 3 days back via the major interstate highways to save time. We have a few hotels reserved but honestly we will play every day by ear and see where the road takes us. That is half the fun anyways.

On our list of incredible stops we hope to make are the ones below:

Day 1: Malibu to Solvang – 130 miles

  • – SLEEP 5/31: best is prob Solvang.
  • – Beautiful ride
  • – Solvang

Day 2: Solvang to Monterey – 230 miles

  • – SLEEP 6/1:
  • – Big Sur!!!

Day 3: Monterey – Sea Ranch 200-220 miles

  • – San Francisco
  • – Golden Gate Bridge

Day 4: Sea Ranch – Eureka 200 miles

  • Fort Bragg
  • Humboldt redwoods state park!

Day 5: Eureka – Coos Bay Oregon 217 miles

  • Wedding rock just north of Trinidad. Super cool view and redwoods. Chloe said she could spend hours there. It’s legit movie worthy with protruding rock with waves crashing etc. epic.
  • State parks
  • Gold beach
  • Brandon Oregon

Day 6: Coos Bay – Cannon Beach 207 miles

  • Sand dunes of Oregon coast
  • Lincoln city
  • Newport
  • Seal Rock
  • Tillamook cheese factory
  • Goonies
  • Haystack Rock!

Day 7: Cannon Beach Or – Salem OR (Via Astoria and Cross into WA) 195 Miles (Early turn around option)

  • Beautiful coast
  • Astoria – Bridge into WA
  • Salem OR tour

Day 8: Salem OR to Mt Shasta CA 317 miles

  • Medford OR
  • Grants Pass

Day 9: Mt Shasta CA to Stockton CA 267 miles

Day 10: Stockton CA to Malibu CA Truck 315 miles

Day 11: BUFFER DAY – possible one more day up further into WA to visit Olympic National Park.

These are just some of the incredible stops we hope to make. Not to mention all the stops we will end up making that we don’t yet know about!

Avenue of the Giants, Redwoods – CA